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Bashar - Tools for Effective Manifestation

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) is a wealth of knowledge on the subject of manifestation. Recently I listened to a very interesting talk he gave and found its content very valuable so i wanted to summarise it hear so that it may help others on their journey.

On my self development journey, I have studied the subject from the perspective of many teachers and Bashars advice is most in harmony with Abrahams advice, just presented in a different package.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from this material!

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Bashar starts out by reminding us that we are one with the Universe and there for submerged in the Law of Attraction (LOA) whether we realise it or not. Therefore we don't need to effort to attract because:

"The things you want are doing everything to come into your experience."

The things you want, the experiences and opportunities that are vibrating in alignment with your true core self are doing everything to come into your experience. Therefore the only reason they are not here is you are keeping them away.

The only reason the things that are not for you are not leaving is because you are preventing them from leaving.

The things you find attractive, find you attractive, it is the LAW! They can't not be attracted to you.

Your only job

Learn how to let in and how to let go, you don't need to "attract", that is already happening.

You may ask, "how am I not letting go?"

By thinking about the unwanted, you keep the line of connection with the unwanted.

You are holding on to the unwanted because you think there is nothing better for you.

Bashars Analogy

You've kept the unwanted in your home chatting for so long that you don't hear the sound of what is asking you to let it in!

You have overwhelmed your senses with so much noise that you can't hear the call of what wants you.

You have overwhelmed your senses with so much noise that you can't hear the call of what wants you.

Your task

Quiet the chatter

Say to it "the party is over, it's time for what belongs here to start a positive party".

That which is your vibration is seeking you out, and what's not your vibration is trying to get out.

"Synchronicity is the organising principle". When the organising principle truly kicks in fully in your awareness, it actually shows you what really needs to be done and what doesn't.

So if you feel like you don't have enough time, you may just be under the assumption that there is more you need to do, than you actually need to do!

Or you are not necessarily truly aligned with acting on your passion.

Because you may not be doing things in the way that would actually be most representative of your passion, which would automatically allow synchronicity to organise and streamline the way in which you do things that would allow you to see that the amount of time that synchronicity brings you is absolutely PERFECT, if you're doing the things that are representative of your passion in the most passionate way.

Bashar says "Get passionate about being passionate!"

Because usually when you do that, it becomes extremely efficient, and that's why one of the tools is the Path of Least Resistance.

Synchronicity + Acting on your Passion = Organising Principle which will bring you the way in which to do things that won't require as much time as you think!

So if you're truly acting on your highest passion everything works out for you efficiently, with less time and effort!

Therefore, act on your passion and highest excitement at all times and let synchronicity work out the rest.

In summary Bashar presented 3 tools for effective manifestation:

  1. Path of Least Resistance

  2. Quieting your Mind

  3. Meditation

And of course meditation is the key to hearing the guidance, if you don't quiet your mind, you will miss the cues provided by the Universe.

What do you think? Have you ever acted on your passion? What was the outcome?

I have had tremendous success in healing my body and life through learning to leverage the LOA correctly, so if you'd like find out more, check out my book The Alchemy of Healing.

xo - Farnaz


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