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Feeling compelled to document her experiences, Farnaz Afshar wrote a memoir of her journey from illness to wellbeing, down a path rarely travelled by many 20-somethings. This book is a tribute to Abraham Hicks and other such teachers, whose guidance helped her heal herself. It is a collection of thoughts and life lessons she wants to share with others experiencing illness, in order to help them towards their healing.


She has come to the startling conclusion that the cause of every illness is the same, and so anyone can achieve relief from any illness by applying the same principles she learnt. She realised this hard earned wisdom could be of immense assistance today to so many suffering from less than ideal health. While she details her struggles with raw honesty, the main purpose of the book is to lend a loving hand to those people looking for healing.


The chapters of the book are designed to be used to guide the reader through their own unique path to recovery, from whatever illness is being experienced. She hopes you will soon realise that the health you desire is in your own hands and that only you can really heal yourself!

The Alchemy of Healing - eBook

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